Tunç Soyer, Mayor of Izmir

On August 2022, I had the pleasure to interview the Mayor of Izmir, Tunç Soyer.

We discussed about the future of Greco – Turkish relations, about climate change and the warm relations between Athens and Izmir, and more specifically about the relations between the Mayor of Athens Mr. Kostas Bakoyannis and Mr. Soyer.

In this eye-opening and positive interaction, we paved the way for more cooperation and openness between the two countries.

We also decided that the future is bright for these bilateral relations.

A big thank-you to Ms. Ozan Sümerkan for her support, to the international office of the Municipality of Izmir and to Money Review and Kathimerini for allowing me to initiate such an interview. 

You may take a look at the relevant Money Review article for Kathimerini here.

Source: Money Review

Dr. Marwan Muasher, Vice president for studies at Carnegie, Jordan's former Primer Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs,

On December 2021, I had the pleasure to interview Dr. Marwan Muasher and discuss about the  future of #renewables and how can alternative sources of #energy acquire a more central role.

Dr. Marwan Muasher, talked to Money Review about the challenges that the Middle East is currently facing and will continue to face, the need for #oil independence and the impact of the #COVID-19 pandemic in the wider region.

A very big thank-you to Dr. Marwan Muasher for taking the time to highlight these challenges and suggest new ways of addressing them, the insights have been much appreciated!

Another big thank-you Vassilis Kostoulas and Korina Samarkou for trusting me and allowing me to constantly discover new things!

You may take a look at the relevant Money Review article for Kathimerini here.  

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Last modified: November 3, 2022

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