Links                                                                                                                              Eίναι η νέα ψηφιακή έκδοση, οικονομική και επιχειρηματική, των «Καθημερινών Εκδόσεων».  Στοχεύει στην ενδελεχή, διεισδυτική ενημέρωση γύρω από τις εξελίξεις που αφορούν την επιχειρηματικότητα και τις επενδύσεις, το χρηματιστήριο και τις αγορές, τα δημόσια οικονομικά και τη φορολόγηση, την εργασία, τον τουρισμό και την ενέργεια. Αλλά και τις νέες τεχνολογίες, την ποιότητα ζωής και τον ελεύθερο χρόνο. Με έμφαση στη διαφάνεια, στις μεταρρυθμίσεις και στην προστιθέμενη αξία της παραγωγής, επιδιώκει να συντελέσει στην ανάδειξη της ιδιωτικής πρωτοβουλίας και στην ενίσχυση της υγιούς επιχειρηματικής κουλτούρας, παρακολουθώντας τις σύγχρονες τάσεις σε όλους τους τομείς που διαμορφώνουν την καθημερινότητα. Με ακρίβεια και αξιοπιστία, μέσα από εκτενή ειδησεογραφία, χρηστικές πληροφορίες, αναλύσεις, ρεπορτάζ, συνεντεύξεις, videos και podcasts.
Tra i Leoni belongs to the Student Media Center of the Luigi Bocconi Commercial University, an initiative aimed at supporting students in the development of projects linked to the multimedia and information world. In addition to our newspaper, the students of our university have also created a radio station and a TV channel, with which Tra i Leoni collaborates.
GRI was founded at the London School of Economics (LSE) by four then-graduate students seeking to revolutionize the political risk industry, and bring it to the 21st century. Global Risk Insights (GRI) is now a world-leading publication for political risk news and analysis. GRI global network of analysts provides cutting-edge analysis on political events shaping business, economic, and investment climates in every corner of the world. We help businesses and individuals stay ahead of the competition by illuminating unseen risks and highlighting undiscovered opportunities. GRI has a growing network of more than 300 analysts who embody our 21st century ethos – they are entrepreneurial in spirit, global in perspective and local in expertise.
Offline Post is a youthful, independent body of opinion and commentary; our editorial team is made up of hundreds of well-known and deeply thought-out young people from across the scientific spectrum, firmly oriented towards democratic principles and Europeanvalues.
The SEG BSA is a students’ association of Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. Founded in early 2019, SEG BSA aim is to unite students from different backgrounds with a common interest in the three fields of Shipping, Energy & Geopolitics. They are among the main factors that drive the globalization process, which is fundamental for human development. Being one of the most internationally diverse student associations at Bocconi university, SEG BSA stand behind the importance of globalization and interconnectedness.

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Last modified: July 18, 2021

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